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  I am excited to announce the collaboration with Lucky Mountain Games to bring you a new but retro arcade racing experience!

The Racing Apex core team consists of two developers who have over 20 years experience between them in the games industry working with EA, Sony, and Rockstar! Games credited by successful shipment are Burnout Legends, Burnout Paradise, Burnout Dominator, Getaway, Midnight club LA Remix, APB, as well as IP's for BMW and Renault! More news will follow in 2019, stay tuned!


Racing Apex is a fast and fun arcade-style racing game that takes inspiration from some of the first 3D polygon arcade racing games from 1988 to 1992 and adds modern gameplay elements of car combat and multiplayer mayhem. I am responsible for producing 8 original songs for the Soundtrack! This is a dream come true for me, as Virtua Racing is one of my all-time favorite racing games! I have a sweet spot for flat shaded polygon games!

Release is set for 2019!


Horizon Shift Original Video Game Soundtrack is now available worldwide! Be sure to get your copy of the game and OST in the discount bundle on STEAM. Or, download at your favorite digital MP3 retailer! (Amazon, iTunes, Spotify,)

Horizon Shift OST 


Portland 2015

 (Pictured above) Jason performing live at PRGE 2015, The All Gen gamers live podcast panel at PRGE 2015 (pictured below).

 All Gen Gamers Podcast


Portland 2015

On tha mic

Hangin' with the crew!

Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2015

Oregon Convention Center 2015