Jason Heine

Get Your Whale On

by Jason Heine

Released 2011
Heine House Records
Released 2011
Heine House Records
"Get Your Whale On" The hit single from "Jason Heine" and the "All Gen Gamers Whale" make a big splash in the club with this track that pounds the dance floor apart!
Mixing 80's//90's Hip-Hop and Pop styles, with strong production values bring a blend of funky, thoughtful, and up beat songs not heard in todays world!

Jason carefully and diligently hand crafts every song he produces. Taking the time to fine tune every detail, he fills each song with emotion and meaning. Jason’s music stems from situations and feeling that cause emotions that are converted to music. His music has been described as “True” and “Real”. Situations we all can relate too just in different ways. No matter what mood you are in Jason Heine’s music will capture it. His diverse range of music styles are sure to keep you guessing! High production values create a professional and complete package with every album. From his studio “Heine House Records” produces, writes, engineers and mixes all his music from start to finish! Jason also records local musicians and artists as well as composes indie movie soundtracks and Podcast jingles and stabs. Jason has also worked with broadcast and radio voice overs as well as commercials voice overs.

Jason is also the host of YouTube’s “The Emulator Review” show where he reviews retro and modern video games and consoles. Jason produces and co host’s “All Gen Gamers Podcast” with fellow game enthusiasts “Pete Dorr”, “Happy Console Gamer” and “Gamester81” Jason is a multitalented person with offerings all over the world.