Jason Heine


by Jason Heine

Released 2007
Released 2007
Jason Heine, back again with his third installment "R*N*B" This album displays some of the most thought provoking songs from him yet. The smooth, but up beat melodic sounds will lure anybody in. There is something here for everybody.
R*N*B from Jason Heine Slides it's way into your ears with a whole new sound! After a year break, Jason is back with the raw emotion you are use to hearing, the solid grooves, the smooth melodic hooks, the edgy production are just some of the new and exciting things in store for this one! The new album meaning "Relationships And Breakups" will captivate you, and pull you into this emotional roller coaster we all know too well caused by relationships. As Jason takes a step back from the albums for the next several years to chase his passion of music elsewhere, please support him here and check all his albums out!